Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Now talking about the Make up Guru !

Guys, have you heard about michelle phan ??
well.. I'm falling in love with all her videos on youtube , at first I was searching for some make up tutorial and then I notice her tutorial had been THE BEST !!
she is pretty, well dressed, have the most creative hands on make up.. she tells us beauty tips and tricks..
and the best thing is, she tells us what makeup brand that she used..
loveeeeeeeee all of her videos !!  just check out about her, and her twitter account is @ricebunny
I think it is named after her bunny that she called "Mr.bun-bun" (so cute!) and rice = is an ingredients that she used for face mask (maybe?! just see the video)..
and for your information, every time she upload a new video, it's always been a hit! over 500,000 people watching it.. you Go Michelle !! :)

michelle phan the best !

you see ??.. she can become anything but pretty !!

all of her videos are enjoyable, entertaining.. she used some kind of special effects to make it perfect.. I wish sometime she will have her own show..

this is one of my favorite video : "seductive vampire"


well guys, enjoy it! it's fun to learn to wear proper makeup, I actually have tried it on !!
this is her official channel, don't forget to subscribe.. okay ! :)

Love yaaaaa!!


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