Friday, January 21, 2011

Hi !! with such a short notice....

Kayanya uda lamaaaaa bgt ngga blogging..
now, here I am.. siting on my living room, wearing my new pair of glasses (appareantly I'm cylindris), and Batik (of course, coz it's friday).. just went home from RSUD Bekasi, that's where I am now on duty..
still occupying as a Coass (hard work, zero money).. hehe

my recent post saying that I was going to Semarang.. well.. it went Really well.. !! happy, A+, and everything..
love that place.. !!

after that, I'm passing another dept, like :
1. internal medicine --> hard work, a lot to read, points : average (intinya,lulus harus perbaikan nilai!! hiks hiks)
2. Neurology --> Scary, Sleepy, one thing I always remembered is got to wake up at 4 am. (zzzzzZz..). , points : Great !! (Alhamdulillah)
3. Radiology --> Seloowwwww... (nyantai cyyiinnn).. points : the Higest in class (Alhamdulillah)
4. Pediatric --> Exhausted, points : unknown
5. Now.. I'm in THT at RSUD Bekasi.. (horeeee ga ada jaga malem di RS !!)

Mudah2an smua berjalan dengan lancar yaaaa.. amin..
kaya td, I just had a Rough day !!, but alhamdulillah berlalu dengan baik..
et causa.. Harus presentasi referat tapi belum baca sama sekali bahannya, baru mw fotocopy malah..
tb2 dokternya mw hari ini maju !!.. akhirnya presentasi dengan penuh.. blablablabla (as always..) hihihi

okay, got to take a shower guys!!, cacth u up Later.. muah!

here some animation for a smile treats..