Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Places I die to go for !!

Hi guys.. !!
in this holiday.. its really make sense if we think about what are the places that you really die to go for.. first of all, I really love traveling.. especially to international travel (like that possible..haha! but nothing impossible right?)
well, this is the places that I really want to go.. in spite of  the distance that seems sooo far, the cost is Ouch!.. hehe.. but whatever.. every person should have a dream, agree y'all??

1. Venice - italy

Dunno.. its seems so romantic there.. see and walk up Rialto bridge at night and during the day.. took a gondola on the canal..  see the whole city at night from up on top of the Campanile.. hmmm...

Venice at night : 

Rialto bridge :

Even if you are traveling by yourself, it doesn't matter right, because the place its so beautiful ..
the hotels are great.. imagine, when you open the window, this is what you see!
hmm.. Let see... I assume this is a great tourism track in Europe.. (whooops! I'm drooling, haha)

2. Santorini - Greece

Well, I think some of you have never heard of this place.. me my self know this place from the movie "The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2" (cast: Alexis Bledel) its a teenage movie..
Santorini is one of the most magical islands of Greece.. It is a rocky island just opposite a volcano, high cliffs offering breathtaking views and fantastic sunsets.. yeah well..

Something unique there I think.. mostly all colours of the wall is white and the roof tiles are blue.. something to catch your eyes.. surprisingly, Santorini has long been called as a possible model for the mythical lost continent of Atlantis.. (wow!!)

the place is locate in :

its a small island isn't it?

this is Santorini everybodyyy...

yummyyyyyy... !!!

its great isn't???? hope to go there..
if you want to see the city, watch the movie..
this is the cover of  The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2, absolutely its available in DVD.. hehe

yup, that's the place that I really die to go for.. what about you? do you have place that you really want to go?

c u later guys!!

PS : Do something that you like!! so you will do it with all of your heart.. and 
Love you Patria Adhikarna..


miztiz2 said...

wah design nya bagus :)

oh iya ini temennya ocky, kataya ada project musik ya

taqilycious said...

thanks!! :)
baru nyoba nihh iseng2.. hehe
masi ada yg mw di ganti2..

project music? yup pengennya si bgitu, si okky uda ngajakin.. we'll see aja.. knp?

JTull said...

Beautiful! I must say that after seeing your page it makes me want to go even more!! Definitely to Santorini...I've wanted to visit Ibiza for a long time so Santorini is now on the list too :) thx

taqilycious said...

Thanks for your comment..
I hope you go there!

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